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OLYMPIA, Wash.- Supplemental breast exams will now be covered by health insurance providers. Governor Jay Inslee signed the Senate Bill 5396 making the move official.

The new law covers supplemental and diagnostic exams and health benefit providers cannot impose an extra cost for the exams. The issue was first presented by Dr. Rachel Fidino in Kennewick who went to Senator Sharon Brown (R-Eastern Washington) last year to address the importance of breast examinations.

This year, Dr. Fidino approached Senator Matt Boehnke (R-Kennewick) and Senatro Lynda Wilson (R-Vancouver); the latter of which took the lead and presented it to legislators as Wilson is a breast cancer survivor herself.

SB 5396 was signed off on by Wilson, Boehnke and nine more senators and got the backing of the Susen G. Komen organization and Washington State Radiological Society.

Access to comprehensive breast cancer screening should be a standard for all Washingtonians,” said Senator Boehnke. “I can’t thank Sen Brown and Wilson enough for their continued leadership on this effort.”

“Too many times, I have had patients who had to forego an MRI because of the cost,” said Dr. Fidino. “This bill is enables women at high-risk to have a MRI which can provide early detection for breast cancer and in return, will save lives.”

According to the final bill report, the law takes effect on January 1, 2024.

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